The Developed Mind Experience

At Developed Mind I know only too well the negative impact that work and, sometimes, life events can have on your ability to feel good about yourself and to fully appreciate that you do actually deserve everything you strive and wish for.

The negative experiences we have throughout our lives can cause us to harbour negative emotions and limiting beliefs about who we are and what our futures should hold for us. Thats why I’ve introduced the Developed Mind Experience.

Its a full day where I’ll work with you to get rid of all those negative emotions by using Timeline Therapy(tm). Then we’ll get rid of those limiting decisions that you’ve made and those limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself. Then, once your timeline is “clean”, we’ll pop your goal in your future.

.Just imagine how it’ll feel to have a positive outlook about yourself and to have a brighter, clearer future ahead of you. If you’d like to book a Developed Mind Experience with me then please complete the Contact Us Form” or telephone me on 01639 500540 or 0749433361 

I look forward to speaking to you very soon.