Helping Professional Men
Achieve Confidence, Success and Results.

Helping Professional Men Achieve Confidence, Success and Results.

Feedback From My Clients

 “Since working with Paul, I’m now much more confident in myself and the things that would previously have caused me extreme anxiety don’t figure as highly in my life. I’ve definitely moved away from feeling undervalued and unworthy.

I value myself, my thoughts and my desires much more. I’ve also seen a decrease in my anxiety, largely due to the tools I learned from you which I use every day.”


“I have seen your work and the amazing transformation you achieved in a certain Ladies life and business – I can whole heartedly recommend Developed Mind Coaching – pure skill and brilliance.”


“I have recently had a Hypnotherapy session with Paul to help me to think differently about food and dieting.  The session was conducted in the comfort of my own home and was very professional.

Paul made me feel very relaxed whilst ensuring that I remained in full control. Paul was very reassuring and understanding and he has helped me to feel much more aware of some of the barriers towards food that I didn’t realise that I had and how to move forward to achieve my goal weight. 


I had a session with Paul who has helped me to see myself in a different light though positivity. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but Paul explained everything as well as the structure of the day to put my mind at ease. Paul is very approachable and very easy to talk to.

He was very professional throughout. It certainly opened my eyes! It amazed me the difference in just a few hours and am now set on my way to achieving my goal. Thanks for a brilliant day!


I had a Kinetic Shift session with Paul to help me manage pain. I was amazed how quickly the session went and how quickly I felt the pain ease. Paul also ensured that, on a daily basis, the intense pain I used to feel is replaced by something positive and warm.


 Paul recently worked with me on an intensive Breakthrough Coaching Program and the experience was profound and transformational. Since working with Paul it’s like I’m now seeing life in ultra HD rather than fuzzy vision.

Paul has a natural warmth and empathy and a knack of uncovering stones that I didn’t even know existed. If you are looking to work with anyone to help you in any aspect of personal change, or eliminating unwanted or unhelpful behaviour, there is no one I can endorse more strongly than Paul”.


“I’ve recently had an intensive Breakthrough Coaching session with Paul. It was amazing and I would very highly recommend him and Developed Mind Ltd.  I’m looking forward to my future now, it all seems so much clearer and positive to me”.



Paul helped me through a very difficult time emotionally and helped me see a clearer way forward with his amazing coaching skills. He made me realise that there were many options for me to take from both a personal and career perspective and I’m now on my way to achieving my new goals that I set with Paul.

This was a life changing experience. I will certainly be looking to Paul for further coaching in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a motivational, career coach.


“My wife is proud of me, my kids are proud of me and I’m so, so proud of myself for never giving up. I couldn’t have moved on from the horrible place I was in without the help, guidance and support of Paul at Developed Mind. He helped me see a better future for myself and set new, achievable goals (which I’m well on my way to achieving.). I can’t recommend Paul enough. Awesome job!”