Helping Professional Men
Achieve Confidence, Success and Results.

Helping Professional Men Achieve Confidence, Success and Results.

Transformational Coaching

I wonder, if I asked you today “what is your greatest challenge right now as it relates to your life, career or your business”,  what would your answer be?   

How do you feel and what are you thinking when this occurs and after it happens?   

What do you think the important people in your life are thinking and feeling when this happens?   

So, how would it be if you were offered a solution to this problem? What would be different for you then?  

I’ve experienced Transformational Coaching and it’s life changing. As a Master Coach I have a proven track record of success with my clients, all of whom have either seen their career and job success soar or, following working with me, have been able to live their lives in the ways they want. There are other “coaches” available, but an NLP Master Coach addresses your issues, challenges and problems in a different way. This is why NLP Coaching is more successful. 

Transformational Coaching involves some discovery work so that we can uncover exactly what your issues, challenges or problems are and there’s also some preparatory work for us both. That’s followed by some intensive work with me, as your Master Coach. I’ll support you with your personal development and realign your values to your goals, enabling you to meet your goals and aspirations.   

Transformational Coaching uses Timeline Therapy™ to remove the negative emotions attached to past events in your life enabling you to move forward without these feelings cluttering up your decisions and choices. We’ll also get rid of any limiting beliefs you have about yourself such as “I’m not good enough” . 

You’ll achieve total clarity on exactly where it is you’re heading to in terms of your goals and exactly how you’re going to get there. Your values are what’s important to you. They determine why you behave and think the way you do. We’ll make sure your values are aligned in exactly the right place to stay motivated and achieve your goals.   

Afterwards, when all the work has been completed, you can still contact me should there be anything further that you need help with.  

 And what if,  after completing a Transformational Coaching Experience, you became the best possible version of you, having set clear and achievable goals, because your goals and values had now been aligned correctly? Just imagine that feeling and how different your life will be. 

 If you’d like to know more about what’s involved and would like to take advantage of a free 30 minutes discovery call, just click the contact us button below.