Helping Professional Men
Achieve Confidence, Success and Results.

Helping Professional Men Achieve Confidence, Success and Results.

Timeline Therapy™

Is your fear of achievement greater than your fear of failure?

Do you find your inner voice constanty tells you why you’ve failed?

What if there was a solution to all of those things that are holding you back?

Very often the decisions you make, the way you act and behave and the way you see the world around you is influenced by negativity. This negativity stands in your way of achieving great things because you’re constantly doubting your abilities. 

Through your life you’ll have stored up negative emotions from significant emotional events relating to anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt (the main 5 negative emotions) and you’ve been carrying these around with you in a “virtual rucksack” all of your life. As you experience more negative emotions so the rucksack gets heavier and heavier and weighs you down. 

Negative emotions are of no use to you, they don’t protect you in any way, moreover they cause you more harm than good. 

When you decide to set a goal you may be limited by the way you think, which in turn is limited by the negative emotions you’re carrying around with you. 

 Time Line Therapy is content free which means you won’t be sharing any of the detail of those emotional events with me. And, after the process has finished, you’ll be amazed at how different you’ll feel. A previous client described the feeling as “profound and transformational. Since working with Paul, it’s like I’m now seeing life in ultra HD rather than fuzzy vision”.  Another said that “it amazed me, the difference in just a few hours. I’m now set on my way to achieving my goal. Thanks for a brilliant day”.

So, it’s time to stop being afraid of achieving.

If you want to set and achieve a new, compelling goal and get rid of all the things that are holding you back, isn’t it time to consider investing in “you”?

And, when you successfully achieve that goal, as my clients do, how will that look and feel?  What will the people around you be saying?  

If you’d like to take advantage of a free 30 minutes discovery call where you can hear more about how you can get rid of those negative emotions and set and achieve your goals, just click the contact us button below.