Helping Professional Men
Achieve Confidence, Success and Results.

Helping Professional Men Achieve Confidence, Success and Results.

What is NLP?

I’m curious, are you someone who is apprehensive about change?  

Are you someone who is “stuck in a rut” and cannot get out?  

Are you ready to get rid of your limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and stifling  your success? 

The Problem……..

The problem is that if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the results you’ve always had. 

The Solution…..

If that resonates with you, then NLP is the solution to your problems, it doesn’t tell you what to do but instead offers you solutions to change things for you to behave or feel differently.

NLP as we know it was founded in the 1970’s by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. They were particularly interested in why some people failed whilst others excelled, why some people were excellent communicators and why others excelled at personal change. They modelled (studied) people that they believed were experts at what they did and proceeded to uncover their mindsets, the ways they did what they did and their strategies and values.  

There are now many definitions of NLP, Richard Bandler says that “NLP is an attitude of curiosity and a willingness to experiment and THAT has left behind a trail of techniques”. My definition at Developed Mind Ltd is that NLP is essentially “an instruction manual for the mind”. You could say that I’m your tour guide into and around all things NLP related. 

Psychology Today magazine said that “NLP is arguably the most powerful Behavioural Science on the planet today”. Science Digest describes NLP as “the most powerful vehicle for change in existence”.  

NLP stands for 

Neuro  – the way we think and our mindset 

Linguistic – this is about language both verbal and non verbal

Programming – our behaviours and our emotions.

I’ll help you remove negative emotions, change the way you think, the way you behave and the limiting beliefs you have about yourself enabling you to achieve more in your life and your career. 

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